Face Painting for all events

facpaintingnormalAdd that SPLASH of colour to your day, with our face & Body  painting services, great for any event from birthdays, family day  events, charity events, christenings..... and so much more! 

With a wide range of designs to choose from, we will be sure to put a smile on you and your guests faces, want to express yourself that little bit more?! Why not ask our artist if they can design something just for you.




Customised Painting

Here at Enchant-It, we like to offer the chance to have customised painting,

promohalloweenwith a very busy and sucessful Halloween Special Introdusced only last year, our artist can come up with designs to match your outfit.

This can also work  for Comic-cons, where adding that little extra bit of magic, can be a great way to help your guests join in the fun of cosplay, from small designs of house pride, to the zombie side of things with gore & bruises, the limit is endless!

Maybe your a business wanting that something different for promotion? Then we can also include company logos into our designs. 

Think this is something for you? why not head on over to the CONTACT US page and find out what we can design for you!




Health and Safety Policy

Enchant-It is dedicated to offering high standards of quality face and body painting services. All brushes and make-up products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between applications. To insure the safety of our Staff and others we have consent forms that will be given to responsible adult who books the event. In the case of birthday parties, the childrens responsible adult must sign the form, and return to the make-up artist before any paitning begins, in the case of a large event, the event organiser will sign the form and an health and safety notice, will be located at the table of the artist ,for the responsible adults of the children to read on the day.

Unfortunatly - We are unable to paint faces of anyone under 3 years of age, however hand and arm decorations can be done.

Allergy Information

Although the face paints used are nontoxic, hypoallergenic and specifically for use on the skin, allergic reactions can still occur in rare cases. If there is a concern regarding skin sensitivity, please request a skin patch test atleast 30 mins BEFORE painting.

Paint Removal

All paints used are water based and can be cleaned using soap and water.

Enchant-It is not responsible for paints that are transferred to clothing and/or other materials.


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